Officer Roles and Responsibilities


  • Organise, plan and lead to ensure the perpetuation and overall success of the Chapter
  • Work with the Chapter Advisor to plan a calendar of activities for the upcoming year
  • Plan regular meetings, prepare agendas for the officers and delegate responsibilities as necessary
  • Plan meetings and prepare agendas for a general Chapter meeting at least once per semester or per term
  • Coordinate the planning and the implementation of the New Member Ceremony
  • Meet with the other officers and the Chapter Advisor to choose new Honorary Members
  • Prepare an Annual Plan and Review
  • Facilitate Chapter Leader Succession
  • Ensure that the Chapter fulfils all Chapter Standards
  • Maintain contact with Asia-Pacific Headquarters Office

Vice President

  • Fulfil President’s duties in his/her absence and assist president in the completion of duties as needed
  • Coordinate ongoing Campus Awareness campaigns — particularly the annual Membership Drive
  • Assist the President in coordinating activities to help the Chapter fulfil all Chapter Standards
  • Prospective Member Outreach and Engagement
  • Other Mission-related activities


  • Manage all financial transactions of the Chapter with guidance from the Chapter Advisor
  • Work with the president and Advisor to prepare an accurate budget for the Chapter within one month of the New Member Ceremony
  • Balance the Chapter account and report to the Chapter and the Advisor at least once a month
  • Submit Semi-Annual Financial Reports on-line as indicated in Chapter Standards [1 December, 1 June]
  • Work closely with the Fundraising Officer

General Secretary

  • Record and prepare the minutes of each meeting
  • Distribute all minutes to the Executive Committee, Advisor[s] and appropriate Golden Key staff as soon as possible after each meeting
  • Distribute messages to Executive Committee, Chapter Advisor[s], General Members, University Staff, Deans, Honorary Members, other student organisations and Asia-Pacific Headquarters Office as necessary
  • Work with other officers to complete Chapter Activity Reports
  • Update and maintain Chapter Email Distribution List


  • Update and maintain the Golden Key Chapter web site
  • Make sure the web page is linked to the Golden Key site —
  • Ensure that your Chapter’s information is correct and current on the Chapter Directory of

Public Relations and Communication Team

  • Coordinate all publicity for Chapter activities and events
  • Coordinate Campus Awareness efforts with the Vice President
  • Maintain good relations with campus and local newspapers and radio stations. Set up interviews as needed
  • Place ads and announcements in local media
  • Write and submit press releases for important Chapter activities
  • Explore any creative methods of advertising or publicity to increase awareness on and off campus about Golden Key
  • Work closely with the Newsletter Editor and Webmaster

Education Officer

  • Plan and coordinate at least one Academic Program per semester (for example: skills development workshops, “good luck with the exams”, mini-conference, guest speakers on stress management, goal setting, study methods etc.)
  • Maintaining current educational projects — Tutoring Program
  • Keep members and officers updated on Golden Key International Scholarships and Awards applications and deadlines

Social Activities Officer

  • Plan and coordinate at least one social activity for Chapter members per semester (for example: movies and popcorn, leadership camp, coffee and cake special, dine for charity, picnic, museum tour, theatre trips etc.)

Fundraising Officer

  • Investigate sources of local fundraising for events, conferences and projects
  • Coordinate fundraising activities on campus (for example: lucky draw, competition, bake and biltong sale, fun run, hair saving challenge etc.)
  • Explore the possibility of creating/funding Chapter Scholarships
  • Coordinate Golden Key Chapter Scholarship Program
  • Work closely with Treasurer

Community Development Officer

  • Plan and coordinate at least one community activity for Chapter members per semester (for example: Blood Drive, City to Bay Fun Run, Daffodil Day, Odd Socks Day)

General Executive Member

  • Support and assist other Chapter Officers in the planning and organisation of events
  • Be available to assist on event days (for example: setting up equipment, purchasing goods, serving food and drink etc.)