O’Sullivan Beach School Garden and Kitchen Programme

In late 2014, the UniSA Chapter of Golden Key donated $600 to O’Sullivan Beach School to support and extend the learning experiences for the students.


The school utilised the money to create a new Frog Pond in the school grounds to home native frogs and breed tadpoles which came from the creek bordering the school. The Year 7 students, their two teachers and the Stephanie Alexander Garden Specialist developed the pond. This required the students to enhance their existing skills and develop new ones. Literacy skills were developed through the research required to create the pond. Science was also included as the students researched the native frog and decided on appropriate habitat planting. Mathematical skills such as financial planning, budgeting, measurement and estimating were also further developed by the students.

OSB_2The students enhanced their education through learning research skills, and the practical skills required for building the frog pond, including planting the area to suit the frogs. Through the project, students were also able to learn how to cope with change. This was very important for the Year 7s as they left the school at the end of the year in order to go to High School.

The project allowed the students to develop real world preparedness through project management and budgeting skills, due to the finite amount of money donated to the school.

OSB_1After the pond was completed, Golden Key committee members were invited down to the school to officially open the pond. This involved 3 team captains writing and giving speeches and presenting the Golden Key members with native flowers from the school’s garden. The donation was also enough to enable the school to purchase new tools for their gardening program.

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